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Monitor changes to your entire collection with a click of a button.

AI Inventory Assistance

Empower your team to conduct advanced object research.

Enhanced Research

Allow our team to help source new items from other museums.

Easier Borrowing Process

Streamlined Inventory Process Allows for

Deeper Curatorial Exploration

Beyond streamlining inventory tasks, AI-driven cataloging liberates registrars and collection staff from the shackles of mundane record-keeping, granting them the freedom to explore and engage deeply with museum objects.
With the time saved, registrars can dedicate themselves to a deeper examination of each item in the collection. This deeper exploration yields invaluable insights into the significance, context, and potential exhibition opportunities of museum artifacts. By enabling registrars to delve deeper into objects, AI enhances the quality and depth of analysis, resulting in more informed exhibition choices that captivate and engage museum audiences.

“The AI cataloging tool is a bonus, because we’ve had some artifacts that we’ve spent hours trying to figure out the name for, so to be able to give us a starting point.”

Kyndall Howard Executive Director, Brown County Museum of History

Introducing the New Standard in Cataloging

Frequent, Seamless, and Secure

Adopting our AI-driven cataloging tool sets a new standard in museum inventory management. By facilitating regular, scheduled inventory checks and simplifying the process of capturing and updating records, it ensures accuracy and early detection of hidden thefts. This proactive approach enhances security and efficiency, allowing staff to focus on enriching the visitor experience. Embrace this innovation to safeguard your collection and achieve excellence in museum management.
  • Value Estimation: Get preliminary pricing estimates for items in your collection using AI-driven analysis.
  • Assessor Selection: Identify high-value items that require professional appraisal, streamlining the assessment process.
  • Condition Tracking: Monitor the condition of items over time to identify signs of degradation early.
  • Preservation Alerts: Receive alerts for items that need attention, helping to preserve your collection’s integrity.
  • Ensure Accuracy: Use AI to assist in tracking and updating your collection, ensuring accurate records.
  • Regular Audits: Easily schedule and conduct frequent inventory checks to maintain up-to-date records.
  • Hidden Theft Detection: Identify and prevent potential thefts with consistent monitoring and real-time alerts.
  • Enhanced Security: Secure your valuable collection with advanced AI-driven security measures.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design tailored for museum staff with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Seamless Integration: Automatically integrates with our CMS system for a smooth transition.
  • Detailed Analytics: Generate comprehensive reports on your collection’s status and historical changes.
  • Customizable Insights: Tailor reports to focus on specific areas of interest or concern.

“The number one factor towards preventing museum thefts in the US is improved inventory management. I recommend that every museum conduct a comprehensive inventory at least once every four years.”

Tim Carpenter, Managing Director of Argus Cultural Property Consultants and Former Head of FBI Art Crimes Division

AI Cataloging

Inventory your items faster and more efficiently.

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