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A data science company whose research was sponsored by Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Michigan, and the National Science Foundation.

Welcome to the Museum Advocate program, the platform that connects museums with art enthusiasts and advocates from around the world. Our program is designed to help museums showcase their best artwork, gain valuable feedback and insights from our community, and drive more engagement and donations.




Data Partners

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/Month /Year
  • Museum Profile
  • Cataloging of 20 Items per year
  • Yearly Comprehensive Data Review
  • 80+ Customized Donor Leads (Provided Bi-Monthly)



/Month /Year
  • Museum Profile
  • Cataloging of Unlimited Items
  • Monthly Comprehensive Data Review
  • Unlimited Customized Donor Leads
  • Opportunities for Traveling Showcase Participation
  • Exclusive Invitations to Meet Potential Art Patrons


Diverse Donors

Traditional donor acquisition methods can limit your museum’s reach and lead to a lack of diversity among donors. With the Museum Advocate program, you can leverage data insights to better target your outreach efforts and connect with new, diverse donors who share your museum’s mission. Our tools and resources help you build lasting relationships with donors and create a compelling donor acquisition strategy that reflects your unique needs and goals. Join us today to expand your reach, gain valuable insights, and connect with new donors in a more strategic and impactful way.

Yearly Reports

Museum Advocate offers yearly reports to members, detailing the demographics and preferences of those who have engaged with their artwork. With this data, museums can make informed decisions about how to better engage with their audience and build lasting relationships with their supporters. Our reports include detailed information on the age, gender, location, income, and other key demographics of the people who have engaged with your museum’s artwork. We also provide insights on their preferences, such as the type of artwork they prefer, the amount of money they can spend on fine art each year, and other relevant details.

Traveling Showcases

Museum Advocate offers the opportunity for members to participate in traveling showcases, connecting museums with new audiences and bringing artwork to communities that may not have access to it. Our showcases are carefully curated and designed to highlight the unique strengths and qualities of each museum’s collection. We partner with a range of organizations and institutions to bring these showcases to communities that are either in underserved communities in terms of art access or have a high concentration of people who are interested in the artwork at the participating museum.

Outsourced cataloging

The Museum Advocate program offers a comprehensive cataloging service that helps museums to digitally document and organize their entire collections, including detailed records of each item’s title, artist, date of creation, medium, dimensions, provenance, and other relevant details. Our professional and efficient cataloging service can also involve researching and writing about the historical and cultural context of the artwork, as well as providing interpretive and educational materials to help viewers better understand and appreciate the collection.

How Cataloging works

Set-Up & Handling

Precision setup, lighting, and gentle artifact handling for optimal capture.

Capture & Documentation

Digitizing artifacts and meticulously recording relevant details.

Return & Verification

Safeguarding returns and confirming precise capture accuracy.



This innovative use of technology challenges the snobbish idea that only the rich can afford great art by helping anyone learn how to confidently and affordably bring the power of beauty into their lives.

Sean Latham
Zarrow Center at the University of Tulsa

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We prioritize artifact safety through:

  • Comprehensive Fine Art Insurance: Our extensive coverage safeguards all interaction with your collection against unforeseen events.
  • Employee Screening: Every team member undergoes rigorous background checks, ensuring that only the most trustworthy and knowledgeable individuals handle your collection.
  • Adherence to Professional Standards: We abide by esteemed guidelines, including those from the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM).
  • Proactive Cataloging: Using advanced technology, every piece—on display or in storage—is meticulously cataloged. This not only aids in identification but also expedites recovery in cases of theft or misplacement.

We employ high-quality cameras and digital scanners tailored for the museum’s specific needs.

Our digital identity service goes beyond just a profile. By integrating professional photography and journalistic insight, we provide a compelling narrative of your museum. Coupled with SEO benefits and backlinking, this strengthens your online footprint, leading to increased visibility and engagement.

Absolutely! While our journalists craft the initial content, we highly value and incorporate input from our partner museums to ensure the profile resonates authentically with your institution’s ethos.

We have specialized equipment and protocols for onsite capturing, ensuring no artwork is at risk.

Our team consists of trained professionals familiar with the intricacies of handling museum artifacts.

We can integrate and upload the data directly into any software your institution currently employs. Additionally, with your permission, we’d like to showcase the artwork on our platforms. This not only gauges public interest but also provides proprietary insights into the appeal of your collection to a wider audience.

We believe in an evolving digital narrative. Our team periodically reviews and updates profiles to ensure they reflect current exhibitions, offerings, and any significant changes at your museum.

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