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Museum Match: A More Personalized Social Media

A tool designed for museum marketing professionals, Museum Match, revolutionizes the way museums engage with the public. Traditional social media will never understand the difference between a user who is drawn to French Rococo versus Modernism, but our consumer app understands that difference and more. Stop spending an inordinate amount of money on other platforms that you’ll never truly know the impact of that spend. By becoming a museum partner, you’ll learn about the people who like your exhibits and why they appreciate it.

“It adds a level of transparency to what we do.”

The consumer app, Art Scene: Meet More Friends, is redefining the way individuals connect with art, offering an experience as engaging as popular platforms like TikTok. Users attest to its transformative impact, praising its ability to personalize the museum experience and provide new perspectives on art. Feedback highlights the app’s fun, introspective nature, helping users uncover personal tastes and awaken dormant artistic inclinations. This user-centric approach not only deepens the connection with art but also uncovers hidden aspects of users’ personalities, making every museum visit a journey of self-discovery.

The Benefits of a more

Personalized Social Media

At the heart of Museum Match lies a unique feature designed to deeply understand and cater to individual artistic preferences.
Leveraging more personalized social media, enables museums to foster deeper connections with their audience. By focusing on targeted engagement—through verified emails, demographic insights, and professional video content—museums can curate experiences that resonate on a personal level with each visitor. This approach not only enriches the visitor's experience but also bolsters the museum's relevance. Through our consumer app, users have the opportunity to engage with and rate various items from your museum's collection. This interactive process enables the calculation of a user's "artistic quotient," a personalized metric that maps out their preferences in terms of art regions, historical periods, and thematic interests. Armed with this insight, Museum Match connects users with museums that echo their preferences, ensuring a more meaningful and resonant museum experience. This bespoke matching system not only enriches the visitor's journey but also empowers museums to reach audiences predisposed to appreciate their specific collections.

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“It’s fun. It helps you discover something about yourself and gives you an idea of what speaks to you.”

Nicole MöldersAlaska, US

Museum Match

Learn how to use social media to truly learn about your vistors.

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